NCS is the ideal partner to support operational and customs strategies of the Companies trading in international markets

We offer our Customers an integrated consulting service in order to take them advantage from the national and international fiscal, logistics and customs planning.

We privilege businesslike solutions, efficient and reliable facilities, reducing in this way waiting time and promoting the direct, quick and automated exchange of information between us and the Customer.

We have been A&O Operators since 2011, our mission is to evaluate with our Customers the best strategies in order to manage customs and authorization operations, optimizing relevant costs.

  • Evaluation of the best strategies with our Customers in order to optimize customs costs.
  • Designated consulting and support for the AEO authorization requests
  • Support for the release of customs authorizations (customs depots, temporary detention, areas approved by authorized consignee license and authorized shipper license within NTCS.
  • Customs decision filling in ( CGU-DPO-IPO-OPO-TST-CW1-CWP-ACR-ACE)
  • Authorizations for the request of authorized shipper and registered shipper (REX)
  • Customs’ claims solutions
  • Customs rules consulting, customs system, customs tariffs attributions
  • Monitoring and analysis of the customs regulations and analysis of the foreign customs rules
  • Streamlined procedures